Residue handling & processing

We can offer a wide range of conveying, processing and storage systems for residues. 

Our in house design Team and workshop has the capability to supply the most appropriate residue handling system for any application.
To complement our own designs we represent a number of companies that provide services and products that are need in this area.  This includes the Tubulator conveyor that Bruks have further developed to that which we manufacture; vibrating conveyors from Edem of Canada and hoggers and shredders from West Salem Machinery.

What ever your needs are we can assist


The Tubulator features are as follows:

  • Up to 40% higher capacity than same belt width with 45 deg trough design
  • Totally enclosed for a spill free and dust free transport
  • Low maintenance cost with moving parts only at head and tail end
  • Low noise level
  • Environment friendly -  low power consumption

The TUBULATOR conveyor, represents the new environment friendly way of transporting bulk goods with high capacity, at high speeds and in an energy saving, dust free and spill free system.

It can be delivered for long transport distances with long self-supporting spans and for capacities up to 4500 cu.m/hr.

Download pdf files below:

Vibrating Conveyors

We represent Edem vibrating conveyors which are used around the world to convey, sort, and screen materials for many different industries, including Wood Processing, Food Processing, Recycling, Pulp & Paper, Engineered Wood and Foundries. Vibrating Conveyors provide a more even flow of material than can be achieved with belt conveyors. In addition, our Metal Detectors and Magnet Traps enable us to screen out undesirable materials from the production process.

Storage Bins










Bark Processing

WSM's line of heavy duty screening and size reduction machinery is ideally suited for converting bark and wood waste into valuable soil and landscape products. From individual grinding and screening machines to complete bark, mulch, and colored mulch processing systems — WSM's products and systems are proven industry performers for creating high value fiber and mulch products.

Pictured is a WSM bark processing system providing a simple and cost effective solution for producing valuable bark products. Utilizing a combination of heavy duty Oscillating Screen and Vertical Hog, WSM bark processing plants produce a variety of products sized for use as bark rock, mulch/ground cover, decorative , soil amendment, and planting mixes.


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