Drymilling & remanufacturing

Southern Cross Engineering Group can provide a full hassle free solution to your remanufacturing/processing needs providing:

  • Full engineering design service (factory/timber flow layouts)
  • Inhouse and site Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator familiarisation
  • Plant/site Valuations
  • World Class machinery manufactures/suppliers including:
    • Carpenter - Rip and rerip saws
    • Stenner - Band resaws
    • System TM - Optimising cross cut saws and material automation and handling
    • Leadermac - planer/moulders, inhead grinders, rip saws infeeds and outfeeds
    • Jeffer - Straight Knife Grinders
    • Linares - Horizontal and vertical Finger Jointers
    • Joulin - Vacuum Stacking and destacking
    • Used equipment
    • SCE - Pack decks, tilt hoists/destackers, transfers, conveyors, cut to length/trimming decks, alternative ending decks, stick/lathe placers, stick/lathe stacking, up and over stackers up to 40 pieces/min, layer stackers up to 20 layers/min, wrappers manual and automatic, strapping station manual and automatic, packet outfeed decks  


View one of our Cut to Length Lines

  • 1 Fixed and 3 moving saw cut to length trimmer (20 lugs/min)
  • 6 Head MHS9 Stenner Horizontal Resaw (6-60 m/min)
  • System TM Stacker (up to 30 bundles/min)

Cut to Length Line Video


View one of our Stacking and Strapping Lines

  • Infeed and single piece feed, feeding into stacker, wrap and strap station

Stacking and Strapping Line Video


View one of our Satellite Stacking Lines

  • Satellite stacking and destacking line (up to 10 layers/min)

Satellite Stacking Line Video

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