Our People In Christchurch - Head Office

Graeme McMaster, C.Eng - Managing Director
Joined Southern Cross Engineering in 1967 as Design Engineer. Appointed General Manager 1973, appointed Managing Director in 1982. Specialist in management and administration. Extensive knowledge of the engineering, manufacturing and timber industries.
Email graeme.mcmaster@sce.co.nz

Craig Phillips - CFO
Joined SCE in his current role in 1999. Prior experience was gained in chartered accountants' offices, then importing/exporting and merchandising companies. He is responsible for all administration and finance functions within the group in Australasia.
Email craig.phillips@sce.co.nz     Phone +64 29 200 1709 

Kevin Sibley - Marketing Executive
Vast experience and knowledge of the Sawmilling and LVL industry. Advanced trade certificate N.Z.C.E to Stage 3. Joined Southern Cross Engineering in 1974. Working in sales and marketing since 1977.
Email kevin.sibley@sce.co.nz     Phone +64 29 498 5462

Kevin Everest - Marketing Executive
Joined Southern Cross Engineering in 1984 as Development Engineer in the Agricultural Division. Rejoined the team in 1989 as the Company Estimator on contract sales. Appointed to Marketing Executive in 1994. Concentrating on the wood remanufacturing industry.
Email kevin.everest@sce.co.nz     Phone +64 21 222 3688 

Paul Scott - Senior Project Engineer
Vast experience in the mechanical and sawmilling engineering industry. Joined Southern Cross Engineering in 1971 as a Design Draughtsman.
Email paul.scott@sce.co.nz     Phone +64 21 225 2372 

Terry Duff - General Manager Sales
Experience in project/contract management and mechanical design in the industrial sector including materials handling, pipework/boiler plant, industrial and fabrication projects. Has BE (Hons) Mech, NZCE and a trade background.
Email terry.duff@sce.co.nz
     Phone +64 21 220 1695 

Russell Hands - Electrical Engineer
22 years of experience in the electrical industry including 11 years in management and design roles. Qualification other than electrical include, NZ Diploma in Business, NZIM Diploma in Management and Certificate in Information Systems.
Email russell.hands@sce.co.nz     Phone +64 21 220 6676

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